McLaren Vale Tasting

Heading out of Adelaide we got to enjoy all the benefits of camper van living – stopping where we pleased and purchasing what we need.  Our camper is now filled with mangoes, apples, and other fruits that we have been able to purchase along the road.  We also figured that since we were driving through McLaren Vale, with no obligations for the next 10 days, we should make sure to stop at at least a few wineries.  Our first stop was Ekhinda, a winery that was recommended by LivingIf.  The wines weren’t our favorite but we enjoyed talking to the tasting room staff, she was from California and it was fun to chat with another American. 

Next I got us a little lost and we ended up in Wirra Wirra.  Two hours later, after tasting through all their wines, we declared it our favorite winery visit yet.  Each vine and label has a long story, highlighting the fun that this winery has through the wine making process.  Tristan, one of the tasting room staff, even took us on a tour, letting us ring the bell and see the catapult that they bring out for winery events.  Their wines were just as delicious as fun – really affordable price points and I wanted to purchase each one.  It was fun that a wrong turn turned out to be so enjoyable. 

Our evening was spent by the beach.  Eric used the Aussie BBQ for the first time, making delicious fried rice for dinner outside.  Afterwards we headed to the beach for the sunset and on the way home I got have a fabulous talk with my brother while walking through a reserve filled with kangaroos.  How lucky are we?!