What is art?  Meaning many things to different people it's hard to come to a definition that would encompass the thoughts and ideas of everyone.  We found this to be certainly true at Mona (Museum of New and Old Art), the art museum in Hobart, filled with the eccentric collection of David Walsh.  David Walsh, a millionaire by way of gambling, made a space that to us was just as interesting at the artwork inside.  There's a camo caterman that leaves from Hobart and from there things just get weird.  After walking across Walsh's personal tennis court you decend 3 flights of circular stairs into the sandstone galleries.  I've divided our photos into the artwork and then into the space. 

The Artwork:

To us, the space was just as cool as the artwork. 

Definitely a memorable experience!  We enjoyed our time in the space and getting to discuss between us what we view art as. 

What do you think?  Does any of this count as art?