We have arrived to Tasmania!  And we have yet to have internet beyond spotty reception at the summit of our hikes (???).  We left our amazing National Parks Campsite today to post a few photos of our past week on Tasmania. 

After renting our tiny, tiny, tiny camper we headed down to Port Arthur, learning about Tasmania's convict history.  Included in the ticket price was a tour, boat trip (random!), and admission to the buildings and gardens.  The main part of the prison was closed so we ended up learning more about the life of the "frees" (ie staff) than the prisoners themselves.  Here are some photos of the grounds.

The next day we set off for a hike to Cape Raoul.  Gorgeous coastline and sunshine were our rewards. 

We camped at a gorgeous National Park and spent cocktail hour with these wallabies:

And the next morning set off for another hike, at Cape Huay.  This trail was in pristine condition and the views were stunning throughout. 

We hiked yesterday to wineglass bay, rated one of the top beaches in the world.  We had it to ourselves and enjoyed lunch and the views for hours. 

We took another awesome hike today that was so challenging it had me in tears.  I have never been so scared hiking before - we were scrambling up sheer granite faces of rock.  On all fours on the way up and on all fives on the way down!  Quite the workout and our safe return was rewarded with big chocolate ice creams!  Pictures to come...  Back to our beautiful national park campsite we go :)