The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is known as one of the best drives in the world, and the views certainly delivered to make this true.  We enjoyed beautiful scenery, really friendly people, a lot of tourists, and some adorable koalas along the way.  Here are some of my favorite photos of the 3 days we spent cruising along the coast. 

We also saw LOTS of animals.  Here are some of those photos, including shots of a kangaroo fight we saw at one of the places we camped.  As we were going out for a nightly walk we realized we were surrounded by some 80 kangaroos!  We skipped the walk and spent our time taking photos of our surroundings and taking it all in. 

Another special experience was another spot we camped and happened to glance over as the mama koala and baby koala were making their way to another tree.  WE NEED A NEW CAMERA because ours couldn't zoom in properly to capture the cuteness we witnessed.  But at any rate, here was our shot at taking these photos.