The Blue Mountains

Generosity was again extended our way with an offer of a house to stay in while visiting the Blue Mountains.  Beyond excited to have a bit more space than our little camper van offered, we jumped at the chance to spread out!  My mom's friends, Gillian and Michael have MADE our time in Australia (they are also the ones we stayed with in Melbourne).

We arrived to a quaint little house with a view of nothing but mountains and eucalyptus trees.  The next door neighbors, Virginia and Michael drew up a little map for us with all the top spots. 

We have spent the past 4 days exploring the area and loving the spectacular views.

The first day we visited the Three Sisters, with all the others tourists, for the photo op of these three limestone formations. 

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters

Next we headed to the insider tip of the Sublime Point.  We were the only ones there to enjoy the spectacular view over our picnic lunch.

The view from Sublime Point

The view from Sublime Point

The afternoon was spent doing the Charles Darwin Walk.  We didn’t quite know what to expect so were blown away by a huge waterfall into the canyon after we kept deciding to “just go a bit further”.  Spectacular. 

The next day we set off for Mount Hay, to do the Lockley Pylon hike.  This walk was amazing because we were able to walk along the canyon and have gorgeous views from both sides. 

Being my mother's daughter, I couldn't help but photograph all the flowers we enjoyed.


This morning we walked from town to see multiple view points and the Leura Falls.  We were so blown away that such a great trail was just right outside of town!  The views were amazing in every direction and we picked a spot to return to for sunset (photos to come!).