Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is a monster of a city.  The largest in South America and 7th largest in the world, it houses some 20 million people.  Crisscrossing the city yesterday we would come out of each subway still immersed in sky skyscrapers. 

Throughout this trip we have found ourselves more drawn to small cities than large metropolises and thus only planned one full day in this city.  Honestly, I'm glad we only had a day to see the sights and then get on our way.  We left our hostel at 8:30 and didn't return until after 7p, exhausted and dirty. 

We first visited the Japanese community, Liberdade in Sao Paulo.  It's the largest Japanese community outside of Japan and signs were a mix between Portuguese and Japanese.  Unfortunately we'd just had breakfast or would have tried some of the amazing looking food! 

Next we headed to the Marcado Central where I took way too photos!  The assortment of foods was amazing and it was the cleanest market we have been in to date.  We had the most well-known lunches - Eric a sandwich filled with an assortment of meats and I had the cod filled pastry.  It was a delicious feast!  Afterwards we enjoyed all the samples of fruits we have never seen before.  Deciding to buy two, we were astonished by the price of $25USD!  We could hardly explain in Portuguese how expensive this was and stumbled away, leaving two upset men in our wake! 

Next we headed to the largest park that Sao Paulo has.  To be honest it wasn't that impressive - so much so we didn't take any photos.  It was a haul to get there and we splurged on a taxi to get back to the metro after walking around the park for a bit.

Next on the list we headed to Edificio Italia to see views of Sao Paulo from above.  The view was astounding and one of my favorite parts of the day.  Sky scrappers filled the landscape from every direction! 

Next we walked up Ave Agosto but I think we were a few hours too early for the activity on the street!  We made our way through to the metro station stopping for beers and bites to eat along the way until we found ourselves back at our hostel.  Here are some views I managed from the subway rides we took:

Today we are actually excited to sit for a 5 hour bus ride after all the walking we did yesterday!  We are off to the beaches and small city of Paraty!