Ilha Grande

How could we compete with Paraty?  We were so sad to go and tried to delay our departure except for their holiday (seems to be similar to Labor Day) so off we went to Ilha Grande (the big Island).  Wow.  Driving here was spectacular:

And once we arrived we were even more impressed.  It's like a tropical setting for the San Juan Islands.  Luscious green jungle darts right into the green ocean. Spectacular islands and mountains draw the eye in every direction.  Our AirBnB host took us on a tour of the park at one end of the beach.  It was our first time seeing a black sand beach and so cool! 

We took a hike today to the beach of Lopes Mendes, voted one of the top 10 beaches in the world.  I have to say we agree - it is a stunning beach that is even more beautiful considering there is no development nearby.  We hiked from Abraao (the small city on Ilha Grande) to the beach, a stunning 2 hour hike through the jungle and then incredible beaches would appear.  It was a hard hike that was worth the views! 

We are so happy to be here!  The town has two roads and no cars or motorbikes.  The only noise is the waves and dogs barking.  We have extended our stay here... so stay tuned for more photos!