More Ilha Grande

Thursday we were all set for a boat trip around the island until we realized we forgot our camera!  We jumped off the boat just before leaving and unfortunately had to postpone the boat trip.  With my tendencies to take photos - it's not possible to go to beautiful places without the camera!  We instead spent the day with these guys:

We were on the black sanded beach and they wanted some of our lunch!  Luckily they weren't that aggressive and we finished our lunch without incident! 

This was the view we enjoyed for the day (along with all the hot Brazilians):

Praia Preta (black beach)

Today we headed off for another hike, this time to Dos Rios (two rivers).  It was a stunning 2 hour hike there and we met a nice German, Tom, to pass the time with.  We arrived to a deserted beach with a few stands selling delicious fruit flavored popsicles (our new favorite) and drinks.  We set ourselves up for the afternoon in the shade to enjoy our lunch and some swimming. 

Stay tuned for more from Ilha Grande!  With the holiday it's proving harder to leave than we thought...  So will likely be here until we leave for Rio on Monday.