Ilha Grande Final

Our time was coming to a close in Ilha Grande but we had time for one more hike and the boat trip - with camera in hand - before heading to Rio!  We headed on a shorter day hike for the waterfall on the island.  This weekend being equivalent to their Labor Day weekend everything was crowded and the waterfall was no different.  Not quite finding the serenity we were searching for we headed for yet another beach.

We found another gorgeous beach to read our books and to engage in more people watching. 

Our final full day on the Island we set off on the boat (this time triple checking for our camera!).  We were with a few other girls staying at our wacky AirBnb and we had a good time with them as we visited the Blue Lagoon and other pretty beaches on the Island.  All told it was more enjoyable to just be out on the water than the beaches were beautiful but we enjoyed ourselves and our self-made vodka punch drinks.

We loved our time on Ilha Grande.  Our AirBnB wasn't the best with her 10 dogs and damp jungle setting but it pushed us each day to spend all of our time outside.  It was fun to watch the Island swell with all of the tourists enjoying their holiday weekend and just as fun when they left!  Next up Rio!