Santa Teresa, Rio de Janerio

Wow.  Rio is living up to it's reputation!  So much so that we have been here since Monday and have yet to put up a post as we are just out experiencing this city.

Here are photos from our first day here in our little neighborhood of Santa Teresa.  We are staying in a fantastic AirBnB and so far have spent no fewer than 2 hours over delicious breakfasts with our hosts talking.  The people and city are fantastic!

Santa Teresa is a bit like Capitol Hill.  Gorgeous old mansions and quite a bit of graffiti!  Some of the graffiti is beautiful and I tried to capture a few photos below.

Next we headed to a free park called Park Ruinas.  It's an old house that has been updated to be a public park.  They have restored just enough that you can climb to the top for gorgeous views of the city and see the old structure of the house.  It was hard to leave!