Soccer and Maracana

To most of the world, soccer is the currency.  It's the love of their life and present everywhere: the kids playing on the streets, the jerseys worn, the games on every TV, and soccer dominates all conversations.  Having the World Cup in Brazil only heightens this frenzy over the game. 

Part of our conversations with our AirBnB host in Rio have revolved around the games being held here in a months time.  He expressed how hard it has been for Brazilians to have the games here as soccer is the love of their life.  However, with all the corruption, so much has gone into the stadiums while robbing other social necessities of funding.  He said the people are confused at how something they love so much can be bringing pain.  The world will be watching Brazil and it will be interesting how it all comes together and what the media shows of the protests.  We really enjoyed hearing his point of view and hope everything will go smoothly but also that the protests will continue to be a starting point for conversations that will hopefully lead to change.

We went to see the stadium as the next best (and cheapest!) way to be involved in the World Cup since we will be leaving (purposely) before the games begin.  Here are some photos of us from the stadium. 

Oh, and after all that walking, we did engaged in another thing that Brazilians love: COLD beer.  One of ours even had ice in it!  They have these liter holders to keep their beer cold but have never seen the koozie that we have - so we have fit right in showing them that Americans also love cold beer :)