Beer with Breakfast: Angkor Day II

Our sunrise at Angkor

Our sunrise at Angkor

Hearing sunrise was worth the reduced hours of sleep we met our tuk-tuk driver at 5am to head to see the sun rising over Angkor Wat with thousands of others.  Winding our way through smaller paths to avoid some of the crowds we were able to see the sun rise but with so many clouds the views weren't quite as good as expected. 

Next we headed to another temple, surprised we were the only people there!  This made for such a special visit!  We climbed around taking pictures as we went of the countryside that stretches in all directions filled with rice paddies and jungle. 

Finally it was time for breakfast.  Though not even 8a all the touring had made us hungry!  Our driver took us to a local spot where we enjoyed soup and tea.  Somehow we got on the subject of beer and he mentioned he had some beers for later.  We said great, but somehow he took this to mean we wanted beer with breakfast!  So off to the tuk-tuk he ran to grab some cold ones for us to enjoy with our noodle soup.  Quite the breakfast!

The rest of the day was filled with temple visits.  It was a long haul around the big circuit but one I enjoyed more than the previous day.  There were a lot fewer people in each temple and the spread out designs allowed us to take our time exploring. 

It's amazing to see how nature can take over - especially in Cambodia where there's amazing climate and soil to grow.  Trees were overtaking some of the ruins and preservationists have to  build extra supports for all the weight.