To Do list, before traveling

I feel more comfortable when things are in their place.  I like to keep our house tidy and plan out our schedules so to best maximize seeing our friends, exercise, traveling, and spending time together.  I’ve even taken to meal planning for the week to reduce trips to the grocery store and stress of planning, shopping for, and preparing a meal when we are home.  We have planned weekend trips to one of our cabins for 20 people without batting an eye – we just break down all the meals, what is needed, and prep time into our vacation planning.  I love that Eric also got the planning gene and is happy to follow along with my spreadsheets! 

Getting ready for a trip of this size requires quite a bit of planning but taken in smaller chunks it becomes manageable.  My goal for our trip to Europe over the Holidays was to come home with a “to do” list complete with a timeline for each task.  While hiking along the Spanish coastline Eric and I came up with our list of what needed to be done – everything from taking photography classes so our photos would be worth saving, to when we will need to put our house on craigslist.  Breaking down all these tasks made the trip seem so much more real, especially as we started checking things off!  We made a shared google doc that outlined everything with a notes section to fill each other in on the progress.  As we thought of additional tasks we had a shared place to compile them and could also consider other tasks that were already assigned during the same time frame.  We didn’t really assign one of us to each task, but as time allowed we would just tackle what was next or what most interested us. 

We are now a few months into checking things off with quite a few tasks left to complete.  Hopefully by the time we are ready to take off we won’t be in too big of a frenzy to get everything done before we set off for some time in the San Juan's. 

We also started shared google docs that have destinations we want to travel with any research that we come across.  When we are on the road we’ll be able to recall the blog posts we came across to go back and remind ourselves of where we’d like to see.  I guess we won’t know how useful these will be on the road until we are gone but still fun to compile everything in one place since the internet has no shortage of travel information!  

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