We have arrived in Bali!  It's hard to believe we have been here almost 5 days - time has flown by on this island paradise.  We arrived to this large group of people at the airport and were glad to have a driver from our AirBnB there to pick us up!

Our arrival to Bali - lots of drivers here to pick up tourists!

We stayed our first 2 night in another great AirBnB.  The space was amazing but we were looking for a spot a bit more tranquil to relax for a few weeks, so set off on our new scooter to explore on our own.  We saw some recommendations from friends but finally happened on the place we both fell in love with.  It's a wonderful 2 bedroom villa, complete with 3 bathrooms, a pool, outdoor living area and kitchen.  It's heaven.  We have lounge chairs set up, a big umbrella to protect from the intense sun, a fridge filled with fruits, but the only thing missing is friends and family in the second room!  (Any takers?  We are here for 2 weeks!)

So far we have been enjoying our time trying restaurants, scootering around to see the countryside, and relaxing in our paradise.  There's an organic warung (cafe) down the street and we have found amazing spa, offering 1 hour massages for $12.  What more to life is there? 

The Hindu Balinese are also preparing for Gulang Day, a celebration that involves decorating bamboo poles for their ancestor spirits to return to say hello and offer support to their families.  These Penjors, the 30 foot bamboo poles, are being decorated and erected all over town.  When complete they stand in the front of each house and will stay up for 6 weeks.  The ceremonies start tonight or tomorrow and we will be taking part in whatever we can!

This festival takes place every 210 days, which is twice a year for the Balinese, whose calendar has 420 days per year.   We are so lucky to be here for it and I can't wait to share more photos!