Galungan 2014

We were really fortunate to be here for Galungan - the Holy Days that Hindu Balinese remember their ancestors.  Since we have arrived we've been watching as families decorate the bamboo pole that will be posted in front of their house and used as a beacon for their ancestors to find them. 

Yesterday was the peak event with all the bamboo poles out for their ancestors to find them, filled with offerings.  We spent the day scootering around the island (this will be another post!) while they spent the day praying for guidance to virtue.  We saw many people on scooters going to visit temples or family members around the island.  It was really special to get to see all of this and a thoughtful way to remember those who have passed.

We saw many women making offerings yesterday, something I didn't get nearly enough photos of.  It seemed a bit too invasive during a private moment to snap a photo.  I did however get some photos of the little houses at the bottom of each bamboo pole that were filled with offerings - fruit, satay, rice, flowers, and any other favorites of the ancestors. 

The Holy Days continue until the end of June and the poles and all the ritual items are burned.  They then take the ashes and place them into coconuts and bury them into the yard.  We won't be here for this part of the traditions but enjoyed getting to see how another culture honors those who have passed from this earth.