Scooter adventure

A few days ago we set off to see Bali on our trusty Scooter, Scoopy. 

We filled her up down the street:

With the aid of GPS we wove our way through the streets.  Street signs were not too helpful.

The views were all this gorgeous.

We drove along a ridge looking at lakes on one side and clouds that filled the void where the ocean was supposed to be on the other.  We got lost again and a nice guy came up to help us.  He even called and made a reservation for a place for us to have lunch!  We arrived to this beautiful restaurant for lunch.

We enjoyed yet another delicious meal

And then scootered our way back to Ubud, enjoying the views going the opposite direction.

Arriving home we were greeted with another offering. 


We love adventures when the journey is as important than the destination.