The rice fields around Ubud

We have felt so lucky to be living about 15 minutes north of Ubud in a small town called JunJunGan.  It's a beautiful landscape with rice paddies to admire, interspersed with villas.  The only problem as we have come to read and talk to others about is the alarming rate at which the villas are overtaking the rice paddies.  Mr. Bee, the contact for our villa, was telling us this morning that he thinks there is more than enough accommodations for everyone in Ubud but that people keep building and building.  They do it to earn more than they can with the rice paddies, in order to outdo their neighbor, and because it's less work for them.  It's a hard problem that is not ours to solve, but we do worry that with so much land turning into resort hotels and villas that the allure of Ubud could be lost.  Here are some photos of our time walking and scootering along the rice paddies.