Gili Meno... aka Paradise

Our two friends that we met in Nicaragua, Liz & Steve, recommended Gili Meno as soon as they knew we'd be coming to SE Asia.  With their enthusiasm, and knowing they have excellent travel taste after being together for 2 weeks, we knew we had to follow their recommendation. 

We arrived to paradise.  White sanded beaches.  Crystal clear water.  No motorized transportation.  Delicious seafood for all meals - we are in heaven!  We spent yesterday snorkeling all over the island, my favorite sight was a turtle!!!  Turtles are very endangered on the islands and there's groups set up on each island to help raise young turtles to be adults in captivity to then be released when they are adults and have less predators. 

Today we move on to Gili Air, the next Island over for a few more days of paradise before continuing on to Java.