Surf's Up!

We have finally found a place that makes us smile on Java! 

Our first two nights were a bit rough in an AirBnB that was super cool looking but not so functional as the huge rain, lightning, and thunder storms had us seriously planning for what would happen if the roof of our place blew off.  Oh, and we lost power, and all of our stuff got soaked as rain came through the sides of the walls and the roof!  Quite the adventure.

After two sleepless nights of this nonsense we moved closer to the small "town" of Batukaras, really just closer to the one lane road that has the beach on one side and small restaurants on the other.  We are now a minute walk from the beginner surfers beach and a quick walk to all the food, fresh coconuts, and popsicles one could wish for. 

I took a lesson and can proudly say I got up on my first try.  Eric has coached me through wave management and I'm handling the water much better.  Here are some pics of the beach and area but slow internet means more pictures to come....  3 days in and we are more sore than we should admit but but happy to have finally worked our bodies to exhaustion and to finally have earned some massages!