Finally off the beach I have found myself trying to like Java again.  We are in a smaller town, 900m above sea level and the temperatures are cool enough that we finally need a long sleeve shirt for the first time in 6 weeks!  What a delightful feeling!

Yesterday we rented another scooter and explored the surrounding beautiful countryside.  The temperatures here mean that they can plant 3 crops a year on terraced plots that cover the land as far as one can see.  Too many crops for us to even identify as most seem to be different than what is in the United States.  

A huge rainstorm started as we were on our way back to Wonosobo.  We joined the rest of the motor bikers at an abandoned house and waited an hour for the storm to subside.  

Bintang + Wine??  Sure!  Never try, never know.

When we arrived back to our Homestay I was planning on doing a workout in our room and then watching a movie.  However, we arrived to the owner of the Homestay and several of his friends insisting that we share an aperitif with them, served right out of an old water bottle.  This was our second time coming across hard alcohol in Indonesia – it’s much more common to only find beer – so we gladly accepted a taste of the homemade concoction.  Next they offered us wine.  It’s been a long 6 weeks for me without wine and I threw my plans for a workout out the window and accepted.  The friend of the owner dashed off to get a bottle and came back with some “wine” and beer.  They asked us to trust them as they combined the two.  The wine itself was very sweet and it actually mixed well with the beer (oh how our standards have fallen!!!!). 

Shots are king here and the same glass was passed around the circle multiple times as three bottles of wine and countless beers were consumed.  One of the friends of the owner even gave us massages, no clue why but we gladly accepted!  Finally it was decided to go get dinner and one of the guys aggressively drove us to a roadside shack serving delicious lamb stew.  They said it was the best and the city and worth the 10 minute drive.  We were honored that they treated us to dinner.  

What a night!  We love staying in Homestays and AirBnB’s for the unique experiences that would never arise from staying in a hotel.  We woke up for more exploring today with slight headaches to remind us of the fun that was had the night before.