Feeling Defeated

Maybe my beach posts were too pretty and the travel gods decided we'd had it too good for a while. Or maybe we weren't meant to leave Bali.  But ever since we arrived to Java we haven't found our pace.

We arrived in Surabaya (NE Java) to a windowless hotel room. Ok, fine for the night. The next day we enjoyed a bus driver that honked what seemed like every minute for our 4 hour journey to Malang. Ear plugs kept us from strangling him!

Malang was confusing. All of a sudden everything was booked...  But rooms we had called about in the morning were taken. While I waited at a counter after being told there were no rooms a man walked in and got a room. They finally relented and gave me the worst room in the hotel.

After feeling like the town had it in for us we boarded the train early the next morning for an 8 hour train ride to Yogyakarta (Central Java). We arrived to our AirBnB that had glowing reviews online but looked like it had seen better days. I can say the bathroom was the grossest we have paid for and the room had no air flow or AC so after a long day of travel we were just downtrodden and beyond hot. I took a sleeping pill to go to sleep and we planned to wake up and hit the streets to find a new spot in the morning.

Off we went the next morning, going to every hotel in a 2 block radius. Between hearing all the affordable rooms were already booked we were followed by eager men who wanted to drive us on a town tour and wouldn't take no for an answer. Hot and sweaty we then hit the streets on our scooter to try and find some AirBnBs I had seen online. The street names change every block so mastering the map was just has hard as trying to weave through the traffic that has no rules. Finally 4 hours later we found an AirBnB that has windows, AC, and a clean bathroom. Who knew our standards were so hard to meet?!

Deciding to like Java today, we woke up and went to a yoga class at a popular spot. The class was the worst I've been to but we met a nice woman from Holland so that seemingly made up for it. Next we headed around town getting photocopies of everything needed for our visa extension to stay longer in Indonesia. We arrived after a 30 minute scooter ride in intense heat to be told they closed a minute beforehand. Literally a minute. We arrived at 1:59 and missed the 2p closing time. And we were told to come back tomorrow wearing proper pants, which we no longer own.

Now the quest for alcohol began as a drink surely could make up for the last few days of trials. We found a huge supermarket and I was thinking it would be a jackpot of wine and beer. Well, Indonesia having the largest Muslim population in the world changes what the stores will carry and alcohol is not one of the approved items, no matter how large the store is. Strike out.

So here we are. A tough few days of travel and trying to rally each other to continue on. For now we are enjoying our AC and looking forward to tomorrow and hoping it will be a bit better than today.