Sun Valley

We recently had an opportunity to spend the week in Sun Valley, Idaho.  My parents rented a house to host my sister and her family for the week and we were lucky to also be included.  Recently off the nearly 4 weeks of solid work it took to get our house back to normal after our disastrous tenant, we decided a break was much needed!  Sunshine and snow didn't hurt the cause either!

After celebrating our friends Adam and Jillian at their wedding in Spokane we took to the open road to get to Sun Valley.  It was a gorgeous drive with many requests to stop for photos (me) and for more water (Eric).

We spent the week alternating from outdoor winter activities: downhill skiing, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing.  A few beers were also shared at Grumpy's and Apple's.  Oh, and Eric got to enjoy a shooting session with Jack and Grant.  A highlight of the trip was skiing with two of my nephews for the first time.  Spending time getting exercise outdoors was a blast and we were so happy we got to spend a week enjoying time with family and friends!  Lucky, lucky, us!