Views around Dunedin, Otago Peninsula

Dunedin and the weather turned out to be so glorious we couldn't leave as we had scheduled.  We instead got to hang out with these guys:

We took a hike each day. The first lead us to a beautiful beach that we got to enjoy by ourselves.

The next day we "tramped" ie kind-of-followed-a-trail.  We were trying to reach another beautiful beach but instead could only go away from our camper so ended up on quite the trek!  A fun little adventure with extra points for a much longer hike than intended!

We so enjoyed our final days hiking around with the sheep.  I write this post from Christchurch, our last stop in NZ.  Tomorrow we have the pleasure of a 6a flight to Tasmania.  We have loved our time in NZ and are so grateful that we got to share our time here with Eric's parents. 

We will be back!