Wine Tasting in Marlborough

Sometimes I miss my best friend so much that it hurts. There are things that I so wish she was by my side to experience. Today was one of those days. We arrived to the South Island and it was like going from rainy Seattle to sunny California. We took off our 4 layers of jackets and by the end of lunch I was down to a tank top. It was that nice. This is similar to my trip to California to see Krysti. I pull out my summer clothes and we spend our time catching up between wine tastings. It's girl time and vacation at its finest.

Lynn and I dropped the boys when they needed nap time today and went on to Nautilus and Cloudy Bay to taste their wines. Here are picture from my favorite lunch so far at Winua River.

And then a picture from Nautilus to the right.  What a gorgeous fridge! 

And from my favorite, Cloudy Bay. The woman who dolled out our tastings at Cloudy Bay was the most knowledgeable and approachable about the wines. She had a matter of fact persona as she tasted us through their list. We tasted while Tim spun himself around in gorgeous chairs on the lawn and Eric napped.

All in all a gorgeous day wine tasting and experiencing the South Island.