Wine tasting at Waiheke Island

Family is here and New Zealand is stunning. 

It's been 9 long months since we saw The Roses and it's so great to be with family again.  They arrived late last night and first thing in the morning wanted to hit the wineries - a good sign for the next 3 weeks!  We took the ferry over to Waiheke Island and walked, tasted, and took photos all over the island. 

Our first winery was Cable Bay, recommended by a favorite winery at Lake Wenatchee.  We tasted our way through their wines, loving the Sauvingnon Blanc and Rose.  The beautiful weather made these taste even better! 

Our next stop was for lunch.  Lynn and Tim had heard great things about a 5 star restaurant and it being NZ's Fathers Day, we got to enjoy a huge splurge lunch.  It was a delicious lunch with a stunning view. 

On our way back we followed a trek through the island and along the shore.  It was stunning.  The landscape was filled with sheep, endless water, and verdant green hills. 

We hit the road tomorrow in our camper van.  Lynn and Tim are here for 3 weeks and Eric and I have a total of 5 weeks touring around New Zealand.  Any tips for New Zealand are much appreciated!