Happy Birthday to my husband!

The day started off a bit rocky when we found out our ATM number had been cloned and someone in Lima, Peru was living the high life thanks to us.  We were at a little French Bakery, Pan y Paz, that we can't get enough of, and using their free internet to make sure all accounts were ok.  I'm glad we checked and were able to deal with it before our account was drained. 

Full of croissants and glad we caught the jerk when we did, we headed off to catch the bus to the nearby beach. Arriving at the beach we found our way up the road and into the boat to take us over to another beach near the Lodge where we were staying.  15 minutes later we arrived at a little slice of Paradise along the Pacific Ocean.  We splurged on a little cabana and settled into our rum and cokes on the beach.  We were staying at an Ecolodge called Surfing Turtle Lodge that had a prime location on the beach with no other houses in sight. 

We enjoyed some delicious food, cribbage games (I let Eric win for his present), and went to bed listening to the waves crash outside our cabana.  It was a great end to the rocky start of the day.

We are so lucky to be doing this trip together and to get to celebrate our birthdays around the world.  It's strange to think where we will be next year to celebrate! 

Happy birthday to my best friend and travel partner for life.  32 is just the beginning!