Happy Thanksgiving!

We did our best to celebrate Thanksgiving for our first together out of the country.  Despite not being able to find pumpkin pie, we had a delicious meal with another woman staying in our Airbnb, Melissa.  We started the night off with white wine, cheese and bread, all three of which were a huge treat!  Good cheese has been nonexistent on this trip but a nearby French bakery, Pan y Paz has an incredible selection.  For dinner we made roasted veggies, mashed potatoes, and purchased a rotisserie chicken.  Dessert was a chocolate mousse (again from Pan y Paz) that was so good I had to hold myself back from not licking my plate.  It was a fun meal to share and we stayed up late in the night drinking more wine and talking. 

We have so much to be thankful for this year and traveling in Central America makes this even more apparent.  I have taken way too much for granted in the US - safety, clean drinking water, access to bug repellant and sunscreen, honest police, safe hiking trails, clean living environments, and non-smelly towels.  This trip has made me so thankful for how fortunate we are in every way.  We have incredible, supportive families and friends and were so lucky to grow up educated in Seattle.  While we weren't celebrating at home we were thinking of all of you that we are lucky to have in our lives.