Still on Ometepe

Again we thought about leaving Ometepe but decided to stay.  A couple at our hotel, Hospedaj Soma, wanted to climb the other volcano, Conception, and I eagerly agreed.  Thus, it was the first time on this trip Eric and I have been apart in 2 months! 

We left the hotel after breakfast with our excellent guide, Louis.  He was so impressive!  He speaks English, German, and Spanish fluently and is getting his degree in French!  He shared with us so much wisdom, such as banana plants can only produce bananas once in their life and then they must be cut down, that leaf ants supply nutrients to mushrooms and then eat the mushrooms, and the reasons why monkeys can become separated from their group.  The meters passed by with interesting conversation.  He is another source of inspiration to continue learning!

Thankfully Conception was a much different hike than Maderas and I liked it much more (if you can't tell from the photos!!).  There was no mud, but also beautiful views throughout.  At the end of the hike we got to see some cows along the road and Louis told us that they cows are all raised on the island for their milk and meat.  Seeing how beautiful these cows were made me actually want to try the meat!  If only all cows could live life on Ometepe!  I loved spending the day hiking and learning so much about Nicaragua and Ometepe, it's such a special island with beautiful, friendly, people.

Tomorrow we actually might leave and with plans in San Juan Del Sur, likely this will be our last post from here, but I know we will be back!