A Seattle Surprise

A month ago my dad sent us an email saying he couldn't think what my mom would want more for her birthday than to have us home to help her celebrate.

This was the perfect point in our trip to head home - Central America is so close to Seattle that it would only take 8 hours to get home and then after the holidays we could continue on to South America.

We eagerly agreed.  And then started to get increasingly excited to surprise and see everyone.

We flew home on Wednesday and took a shuttle express to Eric's parent's house to surprise them first.  Lynn kept saying "what are you doing here?" and Tim exclaimed "what the shit?!".  They were really excited after we explained everything was fine and that we were only home for the holidays.  We spent the evening catching up with them. 

Thursday was the day to surprise my mom.  We had a lot of errands to run around the city and kept ducking into stores trying to keep a low profile.  When we ran into 3 people we know at UVillage we knew we had to get back to the house to hide!  Before leaving to surprise my mom we had dinner to surprise Kirstin and Max.  Well the surprise was on us as they knew we were in town!  A sighting had occurred when we were at SeaTac airport and a flurry of text messages went around with some of their friends deciding if we were in fact home.  It goes to show what a small city Seattle is! 

Thankfully my mom was surprised when she saw us.  When my parents left to pick up my brother Cory and his girlfriend Margo at the airport we sneaked into their house.  We were sitting in the living room when they arrived home and my dad insisted they all come in to see the living room.  My mom was wondering what could be different from when they left a few hours before and there we were!  The surprise was a success!  Hugs all around and then drinks as we caught up late into the night. 

We feel so fortunate to be home with our families over the holidays!  Led lights on fake Christmas lights just don't have the same appeal as the real deal at home and we have been missing the traditional holiday foods that cannot be replicated on the road. 

My mom's birthday party was Saturday night and here are some pictures for her party at Belle Clementine.  Beautiful toasts celebrated the woman I am so fortunate to call my mom.  It was a night to remember and we loved being there with family and friends.