There's no place like home for the Holidays

We are so lucky for the non-stop fun we have had in Seattle with family and friends. From my mom's surprise party to a delicious and fun Christmas Eve dinner to a country Christmas celebration - each has allowed us time with those we miss daily along the road.

My brother's girlfriend Margo has been visiting our family as well and this has pushed us to show her our beautiful city. With Eric and I having no home here ourselves (our house is rented out) we feel like tourists ourselves! We have gone all through Pike Place Market, had drinks at the Fairmont and then a delicious dinner at Matt's in the Market. We have gone along the waterfront, checking out the wheel (but not being patient enough for the hour wait), gone to the aquarium, and my mom and I ducked into a few of our favorite shops. I have loved every minute of the runs I've been able to do here and feeling all those mussels get used again! We also got to spend time with all 4 of our nephews and our niece. How lucky are we?

Here are some photos from our awesome time spent in Seattle.