Laguna de Apoyo

Escaping the heat (seems to be a common theme to our trip!) we went to Laguna de Apoyo for a night.  The setting was ideal in every way.  The grounds of the hotel we stayed at, Paradiso, were beautifully done with well spaced out restaurants and bars in prime spots to look out over the Laguna.  The food was divine, Eric enjoyed beef tenderloin today and I was able to eat multiple salads (this is a first for the trip!).  The water temperature of the laguna was also so pleasant - it was about the same temperature as outside so getting into the water was enjoyable versus shockingly cold.  We swam all along the shoreline and back and forth to the float. They also had kayaks, inner-tubes, darts, boule, and other games but honestly the view was too pretty and beers too cold to move from our lounge chairs by the laguna! 

We have been so lucky to meet the people we have along this trip and at Laguna de Apoyo was no different.  We met a really nice couple, Maureen and Alan that were traveling from Toronto.  We enjoyed our time over dinner and breakfast with them and today decided to we need to spice it up a bit and get tattoos and start smoking.  We told them if they lead we'll follow :)

We cannot wait to go back to the Laguna, either when we circle back to Granada in a few weeks or on another trip someday.  It was paradise.  Oh and did I mention no bugs?!?!??!