Photography Class

Though Eric and I are doing our best to save aggressively for our trip so we can use funds while abroad and not for menial things at home – we have been investing in things that will make our trip, and memories of our trip, better.  One of the important things is photography as it serves us in several ways: showing those at home what we are doing, a way to remember different places and people, and without collecting a lot of mementos it will be something we can bring home with us to remember our trip. 

Thus, we have been looking at our current camera equipment and assessing our skills to determine where we stand.  Eric has a really nice camera he got a few years back but we lost my point-and-shoot camera along the way and need a new camera to replace.  Eric did quite a bit of research and we are pretty sure we have found the one to purchase. 

We both love to take pictures but what we have realized is that though we take a TON of photos (too many photos in my case) that not all of them are worth even downloading to the computer to store.  Also, though Eric’s camera is really nice, we have no clue how to move beyond the “auto” setting.  To start to solve these problems we invested in an outdoor photography class led by REI in Discovery Park.  We spent 6 hours yesterday taking much more interest in our surroundings as we tried to find things worth of taking 20 pictures of with different angles and shutter speeds.  It was a great way to spend the day as we not only learned how to better use our cameras and the areas we need to work on, but also enjoyed spending a lot of time in a park that’s close to our house that we haven’t ever visited together. 

So here are a collection of our shots that were worth uploading – it’s worth noting that we deleted hundreds of others!