Leaving a wake

In the final rushes of trying to pack up our house, sell our cars and leaving our jobs it was hard to process what we were actually doing.  Life was so matter of fact – we had to do (insert task off to-do list here) in order to go on our trip.  And with a week between leaving my job and moving out of our house there was a lot to do and even more people we wanted to see.  What we were actually doing didn’t set in until I finished packing up our fridge.  It seemed too final having an empty fridge – with all of our travels the fresh foods have come and gone but the condiments and staples are a constant and seeing it empty hit me harder than expected.  Tears streaked my face the last few trips loading things into the truck.  By the time we drove away I was glad I hadn’t seen our cat Bailey because I would have completely lost it. 

An hour or two later I felt relieved when we were finally on the boat, surround by all of our life, having some lunch in the sun and a beer.  My parents met us at the boat in Anacortes and we set off for the Island.  Everything that we had loaded up we then had to offload at the Island and carted over to the Little Cabin.  It felt really nice to finally be able to unpack everything and settle into what will be our home for the next few months.  It was a day where every emotion was felt and there was time to process and feel each. 

Wednesday felt like the first day of relaxation we have had and we tried to settle into the Island.  Our relationship with the Island will change as it has been a place for weekend relaxation where overindulgence was acceptable as our time there always so short.  Every meal had to be celebrated.  Unfortunately weekday beers during lunch don’t seem as acceptable anymore.  And if eat like we used to over the weekend we’ll quickly balloon so we need to train ourselves to pull things back a bit.  I also want to make sure exercise stays a 5 days-a-week activity and will need to get used to fitting it in where I can instead of the early morning routine my past life.  We are headed back to Seattle to finish a few things and to celebrate Seafair but when we return next week we’ll need to work on settling in to our new house and routine.  Life should slow and we can finally realize and come to peace with each emotion as we feel it through this journey.