We have arrived!

What a day of travel to get to Singapore!  We traveled 12,498 miles to arrive, 24 hours of flying with a 7 hour layover in London.  As awful as that sounds, with the aid of sleeping pills and complimentary beverages, it actually went by quite quickly.

On our first flight from Rio de Janeiro we boarded at 10p from the worst international airport I have ever been in.  I kid you not there were 2 small cafes to choose between for food and 1 small duty free shop.  Talking to a few others on our flight they confirmed that this was the permanent home for international flights and not a temporary one like I had thought.  If you have to spend any time here, bring your own food and a book! 

We tried to stay up as long as possible on our flight before taking a sleeping pill.  I had taken my sleeping pill around 1a and was trying to keep watching a movie until succumbing to sleep.  I even offered to hold Eric's drink while he went to the bathroom.  But, upon his return, he found me passed out.  I had spilled his drink all over me (thankfully just the blanket!), still had my movie on and headphones in, and looked to be dead.  He took off my headphones, removed my glasses, and reclined my seat so I could sleep.  He told me the next morning what happened and I still laugh when I think about it! 

We arrived that afternoon in London.  Eric has been having the hardest time trying to find clothes or shoes that fit him so we were going to use our 7 hour layover in London to hit the shops.  We got on the tube and covered some serious ground!  It was surreal being in London and delightful to hear English being spoken!  What a gorgeous city - it was our first time being there together and I wish we could have stayed longer!

After our jaunt through the city we headed back to the amazing Terminal 5 at Heathrow.  The shopping, the food, the whole experience is on a different level than Rio.  We have a few favorite spots to visit after our time spent there last summer going to Italy and we enjoyed fresh salads at Pret a Manger along with some coffee to keep the traveling going.

On our next flight to Singapore we boarded a mostly empty flight!  We each had our own row and could sleep horizontal.  Who needs first class?

Who needs 1st class?  We each had our own row!

Who needs 1st class?  We each had our own row!

Unfortunately I didn't learn my lesson from the first flight and once again passed out before stretching out.  Eric saw my head droop as I was watching a movie and thought, Oh no, not again.  He had to come up to my row and help me stretch out and get under the blankets.  Those sleeping pills are serious business! 

Soon enough we arrived in Singapore.  What a well taken care of city!  Thankfully English is the official language so we easily got in a cab to our AirBnB.  We walked around the neighborhood where we are staying and got some delicious Thai food for dinner.  We are staying by the new Indoor Stadium and the area is meticulous.  It was fun to see all the families out enjoying the evening and it felt very safe!  We wanted to make it to the light show but we were sooo tired that didn't happen. 

You'll be glad to know I did figure out the sleeping pill timing and took one I was safely in bed, glasses removed, and ready to sleep!

Off to enjoy Singapore!