Day 2, Singapore

Our second day we were greeted with lots of rain in the morning.  We stayed in the house until it slowed down a bit, even being a bit too much rain for us from Seattle.  We headed to yet another mall, this time in search of new shoes for me.  All this endless walking has made for some tired feet and it was time for replacement kicks.  Our AirBnB host also wrote out what we were to try there: Laska, Chicken Curry, and Otka.  Each of the foods was delicious.  The seafood is all so fresh here is still tastes like salt water.  It was delicious!

Next we headed to walk all over Chinatown and little India.  Along the way we saw many mosques and spiritual centers.  We entered one, removing our shoes, as is customary.  It was beautiful and unlike anything we have seen beyond pictures or movies. 

At this point, we had reached zombie status again and headed home for a nap.  Our AirBnB hosts had offered to take us out to dinner to show us the Red Light District that evening so we wanted to be rested up!

We headed to Old Airport Road Hawker Center for dinner.  Lynn and Rayne took turns standing in the lines while we wandered around looking at all the food.  They bought a huge assortment of different things for us to try.  Everything they selected was luckily delicious and we loved all the different flavors and textures. 

Everything is overlooked by the government here and the food stalls are no different.  They have health standards they have to meet and are regularly closed for cleaning.  All walks of life are eating here and it was clean enough for our standards!  The one thing that is not provided is napkins, so we have taken to carrying them with us for sticky fingers!

Next we headed to the Red Light district.  This again is also overseen by the government.  Odd numbers are eating places and businesses which the even numbers are for the "love" houses.  The women, and supposedly men, that work in these places have strict standards to meet as well.  They have to be tested often for diseases and are sent home if they becoming pregnant.  It was fun to walk and drive through the area to see a different side of the night.

On the way to try Dorian, the kind of fruits, we had some dessert.  Though a huge sweet person, sadly I did not like the bean curd filling.  We had some other treats that were quite good and it was fun to try everything on the menu with our guides ordering.

Finally, Dorian.  From what we have read, Dorian offends.  The smell is so strong that it is not allowed in public areas and there are even signs stating it's prohibited to have on the subway.  The taste can not be described, because after one whiff I was disgusted and after one taste I was done.  Eric, who poked around it a bit more, used words like sewage, burnt hair, and avocado to describe the fruit.  Our hosts were eager to have us sample some... and we were keen to please.  Pictures do more to tell this story than I can with words:

We held our noses as they finished the rest of the Dorians. 

After dinner they took us to the golf course for a view of the skyline at night.  What a pretty city!  We will be back!

And finally some photos to share of their subway.  Like many other things in this city, money seems to be no object.  The subway line is extensive and the cars all seem to be new.  There is serious air conditioning in all of the cars in the stations.  In each subway there is no garbage, graffiti, or any rowdy behavior.  They felt quite safe, a nice change from Rio!