In the kitchen with family

It has been 7 long months since I've been in the kitchen with family.  It's where I grew up - my mom made us dinner every night of my life and as we got older our chores in the kitchen grew along with being the ideas we'd pitch to create.  Sunday dinners have always been a family evening, cooking and sharing great food as the beginning to the next week.  Though phone calls home have replaced those meals it's never quite the same.

This week we were lucky to take a cooking class with Cory and Margo.  Though we had most of the work done for us and only had to complete the final touches it was fun to be around a hot stove throwing things together and learning different methods.

Our day started as the pick up truck converted into bus picked us up and took us to the school.  We enjoyed a coffee while picking the 6 dishes we'd learn how to make.  The fun thing was that we had so many choices to pick exactly what we'd like and there were some 15 other students in the class as well so there was lots of activity.  Next we headed to the market to learn about how coconut milk is made, how many different types of basil there are, to see different kinds of garlic, and ask questions.  Here are a few (poor) photos of the market.

We headed back to the kitchen where it was a cooks dream - everything had been beautifully prepped for us so all that was needed was the chopping of some vegetables, pounding of some spices, and measuring sauces for delicious meals to come together.  We each made 6 different courses and then shared each over a communal table with the others in our class.  Here are some photos of us in the kitchen, click on any to enlarge:

Thai food comes together so simply with a few key ingredients: the carb of choice (rice, or an array of noodle choices), tons of fresh veggies, oyster or fish sauce, lime sauce, coconut sugar (so unbelievably good), coconut milk, curries, peanuts, and then fresh herbs for garnish.  Everything except the papaya salad is cooked over the same wok pan, no need for all the pots, pans, and frying dishes we all have!

It was such a fun day to be together in the kitchen.  If only our mom could have been there :)