More family has arrived!

Max & Kristin enjoying the pool-side life in Phuket

Max & Kristin enjoying the pool-side life in Phuket

What a whirlwind!  From the temples and mountains of Chiang Mai to the beaches of Thailand!  Leaving Cory and Margo to travel through Laos we set off to meet Max and Kristin in Phuket.  It was so fun arriving to see them swimming in their hotel pool like they've always been down here and we've just finally made it to see them. 

The next day Eric and I set off on scooters, while Max and Kristin got in a private car to drive them to the sites.  We met up at the Big Buddha to enjoy the views of both Buddha and the surroundings.  The water is so gorgeous here! 

Max and Kristin set off to ride some elephants and Eric and I scootered off to look for some pretty views.  We love the feeling of freedom we get from having a scooter and being able to explore.  I'm thankful Eric has mastered driving on the left hand side of the road and being so confident in his skills with all the different types of drivers we encounter. 

We met back up with Kristin and Max at the pool for the perfect ending of such a fun day.