Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

Cory and Margo headed out for Laos and we stayed behind for our flight the following day to see Max and Kristin.  With time to kill and a gorgeous day, we headed to the mountains on a motorbike to see the Buddhist temple Doi Suthep.  We had seen a lot of beautiful temples in Chiang Mai and were kind of expecting more of the same.

Instead after a beautiful, windy road, we climbed some 200 steps to amazing gold-covered temples.  Legend has it that the supposed shoulder bone of buddah was placed by the King on the back of a white elephant which was released in the jungle. The elephant is said to have climbed up Doi Suthep, at the time called Doi Aoy Chang (Sugar Elephant Mountain), trumpeted three times before dying at the site. It was interpreted as a sign and King Nu Naone ordered the construction of a temple at the site.

The views of the surrounding countrysides matched the beauty of the temples and after a quick rainstorm we couldn't stop taking photos.