Take a tour around the top sights in Saigon with us...

First stop of the day, the Ho Chi Minh City Museum, housed in a beautiful neoclassical building from 1885.  The building is gorgeous and filled with the history of the city.  There were even some brides on the grounds taking photographs.  Click on any of the photos below to enlarge:

The next stop of the day is the Reunification Palace, built in 1966 for the South Vietnamese President.  Filled with lavish rooms, a helicopter landing pad, and extensive bunkers the Palace is all open to the public now that there is no longer a need for a President in South Vietnam.  

The War Remnants Museum, formerly known as "The Exhibition House for US and Puppet Crimes" is our last stop of the day.  It is a very moving museum that uses a variety of mediums to display all the atrocities of the war.  We won't talk much as we wind our way around the museum and I didn't take many photos either.  The destruction to the land and people, shown through photographs, made my jaw simply drop.  The history here is interwoven with so many different countries in the past that it is hard to understand how things went so horribly wrong here for 10+ years.  Some of the photos were so gruesome I couldn't look.

After a long day on our feet we'll settle into a nice corner bar and enjoy 75 cent beers and watch some of the 7.2 million people in this city wizz by on motorbikes. 

What a day!