The Cra Cra House

We are in a LOVELY town in the mountains of Vietnam.  And before I can share photos of the Crazy House, I must share why I love it so much here:

  1. The temperature, it's cool enough that I had to buy a sweatshirt and actually need it!  The temperature also means I was able to run for the first time in 5 months (and it hurt so good!). 
  2. It's not really filled with western tourists so even though it makes everything that much harder for us to communicate, it's lovely to not be harassed to do things at every second or buy things at every corner. 
  3. The scenery here is lovely.  There's a lake in the middle of town with a golf course above so there's a natural gathering place for everyone at night.  The people watching has filled hours of our time here.
  4. With all of the pine trees, it smells just like home.

So, now that my love of Dalat is off my chest, here are some photos of the Crazy House.  Started in 1990 you'll see it is still not complete.  It's a completely bizarre house that is modeled off of tree stumps.  Nothing is similar to a regular house, there are no right angles, no straight walls, and a variety of ways to get from A to B.  You can even stay here for a night, which I wish we had!