Vietnam so far

Have I told you yet that we are loving Vietnam?  Unsure what we would find in this country and how people would treat Americans, we were unsure about spending a whole month here.  But now that we have been here two weeks and have hardly stopped eating to take photos of the beautiful landscapes and skies, I can say for certainty that this country is treating us right.

A few things that we love:

  • The food is AMAZING.  EVERYWHERE.  Every single street has someone selling something delicious and we keep trying to have it all.  The food is fresh and quick - sandwiches, salads, pho, with lots of veggies.  Oh, and don't get me started on the Vietnamese coffee...  We have taken to having several a day.  Who said condensed milk was bad for you??
  • The people have been so friendly.  Sure we are asked to buy things (way more so in Hoi An than in Dalat) but when we get to hang out with the locals it's a blast.  They are always smiling, joking around, and since we are now getting clothes made, tapping our bums.
  • The Price is Right.  We have been staying in hotels, with breakfast, for an average of $15 a night, including breakfast.  And these are really, really, nice places.  Sandwiches are around $1.50.  We had 4 beers last night in our pool and it was 80 cents.  Sometimes it's a stretch to spend $30 a day.
  • The scenery and views.  Vietnam has had this beautiful haze that accompanies the sun setting each night.  It's light I expected to find in Cambodia and never quite captured.  But here, and especially in Hoi An, the scenery is amazing.  If only I could put my sandwich down to take a photo...

Here are some photos around Hoi An, the lovely city we get to spend a week in as we have some clothes made (more to come on that...).