Cooking class in Hoi An

In between clothes fittings and popping in for Vietnamese coffee we haven't done much else with ourselves while spending a week in Hoi An.  Yesterday we finally ventured away from the clothes shops and into the markets, our goal being finding the ingredients for our cooking class hosted at our hotel. 

One of my favorite parts of cooking classes is paying someone to walk around the market and answer all the questions I have about the different foods that are unfamiliar.  Especially the foods that are already made are hard to decipher, sweet or spicy, meat or candied peanuts, rice or noodles?  When wrapped in a banana leaf I've had many surprises and I love getting the chance to ask someone all these questions.  Unfortunately our guide at the market didn't understand much beyond "where are you from" and so we spent our time weaving throughout the stalls more questions building than being answered. 

Here are some of the sites, you can try to imagine the smells.

Finished with our mini tour we road our bikes back to the hotel in the searing heat we have come to expect in Hoi An.  Told that our class would begin in another hour, we headed to a coffee shop around the corner with our new friend Adam.  We got to sit in these little chairs and drink Vietnamese coffee while sharing travel stories and planning our trips to Australia. 

Finally the class began with the chef talking through a translator.  In no time we were whipping up our lunch.

Here are the final dishes.

And recipes for you to try to recreate at home!