Motorbiking Hai Van Pass

Our friends Richie and Claire that we met in Kep had a lot of recommendations for Vietnam and we have faithfully been following in their footsteps as we make our way North in this beautiful country.  One of these suggestions was to use an Easy Rider (a motorcycle club of riders from Vietnam affected by the Vietnam War and now offering motorcycle tours around Vietnam) to see the Hai Van Pass.  We spent a little too much money in Hoi An shopping for custom clothes (first and last time in my life I can say that!) so decided to do the route ourselves. 

We rented a motorbike and took to the streets at 7:20 in the morning to try to race the traffic and the heat!

Here are some photos from our gorgeous day.  We opted to copy the Vietnamese and wear as much clothing as possible to try to prevent the sun from reaching our skin... hence the outfits.

(From Wikipedia): The pass is renowned for its scenic beauty. Presenter Jeremy Clarkson, host of the BBC motoring program Top Gear, featured the pass during the show's 2008 Vietnam Special, calling the road "a deserted ribbon of perfection—one of the best coast roads in the world."

We loved our 5 hours on the road, arriving to Hue with sore bottoms and backs but all was put right in the world with a nap and a beer.