Arriving to Vietnam

Not all days on the road are as idyllic as our last week that we spent lazing around Kampot and Kep, Cambodia, recuperating after a month filled with family and waiting out too many rain storms to count. 

We know that border crossings usually suck and we were prepared for this.  We asked all the questions:

  • Does the bus have AC?  -Sure
  • One seat per passenger?  -Yes, sir
  • How long will it take to arrive?  -5 hours, 6 maximum
  • What type of bus is it?  -New minibus, sir
  • Who will give us our ticket?  -The driver knows about you, don't worry

Well 10 hours of travel, 6 of which were on a local bus with: No AC, 33 passengers in 24 seats, and every male heavily chain smoking, we arrived in Vietnam.

This photo doesn't do justice to how we felt for 6 hours (nor are you able to smell the cigarette smoke):

I woke up the next morning crooked.  Literally.  Eric kept telling me to put my shoulder down but it was stuck.  I couldn't move my head and everything was in the wrong spot.  We tried an hour and a half massage (our best one yet) and it didn't even do the trick.  A sleeping pill and lots of Tylenol was needed to sleep and today thankfully I'm a bit better.

That was one hell of a bus ride!