Halong Bay - Bai Tu Long Bay

We were on the fence about going to Halong Bay.  Reports of way too many boats and trash in Halong Bay had many Trip Advisor forum people choosing not to go. Instead they opted to spend time and money in other places in Vietnam.  The weather wasn't great in Hanoi and we were also worried about getting there and being caught in a storm with no visibility.

After being on the fence and doing way too much research we decided to go to Bai Tu Long Bay, a cousin of Halong Bay but allowing limited boats to enter thus making it a much more serene experience.  While we were at it, we decided to go with the most luxurious company (Indochina Junk)- a splash for our last two days in Asia. 

Thankfully it all worked out.  We were blessed with GORGEOUS weather and the nicest room we have had in a long time.  I took pictures at every turn and we loved our time.  Here are some of the many photos!

Here are the photos of our cabin...  I couldn't help it!