Trip Recap

Our 18 months of travel in numbers..

# of countries visited: 15  (Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Australia)


# of places we stayed: 173

# of nights, in a:

  • Hotel/Hostel: 213
  • AirBnB:  85
  • Camper van, freedom camping: 23
  • Camper van, holiday park: 28
  • Camper van, National Park: 8
  • Klotok boat: 2
  • Villa in Ubud: 14
  • School in Guatemala: 15
  • Bungalow in Utila: 18
  • Junk (boat in Vietnam): 1
  • Gillian's (family friend in Australia):  12


Modes of transport:  airplane, train, tuk tuk, motorbike, car, van, boat, ferry, walking, trolly, subway, klotok, train, bus

# of flights: 28

# of overnight buses:  5

# of countries we were millionaires: 2 (Indonesia and Vietnam)


Average cost per day: $120 overall, MUCH lower in SE Asia and MUCH higher in New Zealand and Australia.  

# of ATM cards stolen:  2

Where we'll go next:  Japan.  Our budget couldn't afford it this round, but we will head there next after our travel funds are ample enough!

# of pounds we carried: At the most, 88 pounds with all of our winter stuff.  At the lightest, 42 pounds.  

Food sickness totals:  Sarah: 2 (Chile and New Zealand)  Eric:  1 (Peru)